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  • +201011121112
  • Wed 24th - Fri 26th April 2024


Day Hall Title
Day 1Monaco AAmerican College of Surgeons
Day 1Monaco AEndometriosis Multidisciplinary Management
Day 1Monaco AGeneral Surgery - HBP Session
Day 1Monaco AGeneral Surgery - UGI Session
Day 1Monaco ABariatric Surgery
Day 2Monaco AObesity: The Mother of All Evil
Day 2Monaco AFetal and Neonatal Surgery
Day 2Monaco ATailoring Surgical Care for Fetus & Newborn
Day 2Monaco AOpening Ceremony
Day 3Monaco ACancer: The State of Today and Tomorrow
Day 3Monaco ADiabetes: Dilemmas in Every Specialty
Day 3Monaco AMultidisciplinary Management of Breast Cancer
Day 3Monaco AAntibiotic Resistance
Day 3 Citadel Closing Ceremony
Day 1IcelandInfection Prevention & Control
Day 1IcelandExploring the Frontiers
Day 1IcelandVascular Surgery
Day 1IcelandRheumatology 1
Day 1IcelandRheumatology 2
Day 1IcelandRheumatology 3
Day 2IcelandParasitology 1
Day 2IcelandParasitology 2
Day 2IcelandParasitology 3
Day 2IcelandIEM in Different Specialties
Day 2IcelandIEM in the 21st Century
Day 2IcelandLiver Transplantation
Day 3IcelandFrailty The Mysterious Geriatrics Giants
Day 3IcelandConcerns in Practice
Day 3IcelandAging A Healthcare Challenge
Day 3IcelandGeriatrics 3
Day 3IcelandPrecision Medicine
Day 1Louvre 5UNESCO Chair on Bioethics Conference
Day 1Louvre 5UNESCO Chair on Bioethics Conference
Day 1Louvre 5The Art of Medical Training
Day 1Louvre 5The Future of Medicine Now
Day 1Louvre 5The Future AI in Medicine
Day 2Louvre 5Histology 1
Day 2Louvre 5Histology 2
Day 2Louvre 5CRISPR Gene Editing based Therapy
Day 2Louvre 5The Wet Child
Day 3Louvre 5Audiology Department
Day 3Louvre 5ENT
Day 3Louvre 5Phoniatrics Round Table Discussion
Day 3Louvre 5How we Managed These Cases
Day 1ImperiaPulmonary Embolism
Day 1ImperiaPathology 1
Day 1ImperiaPathology 2
Day 1Monaco BCardiology A
Day 1Monaco BCardiology B
Day 1Monaco BCardiology C
Day 1Monaco BCardiology D
Day 1Monaco BCardiology E
Day 1Monaco BAnatomy A
Day 1Monaco BAnatomy B
Day 2Monaco BInfection Control A
Day 2Monaco BInfection Control B
Day 2Monaco BBreast Surgery
Day 2Monaco BColorectal Surgery
Day 2Monaco BHC Quality
Day 2Monaco BEndocrine Surgery
Day 3Monaco BChronic Pain
Day 3Monaco BLung Cancer A
Day 3Monaco BLung Cancer B
Day 3Monaco BMental Health
Day 3Monaco BNeurological Disorders
Day 3Monaco BNutrition
Day 2Monaco CCEOM A
Day 2Monaco CCEOM B
Day 2Monaco CCEOM C
Day 2Monaco CEmpowering Individuals Towards Optimal Health
Day 2Monaco CTropical Medicine A
Day 2Monaco CTropical Medicine B
Day 2Monaco CSecrets of Liver Health
Day 3Monaco CGIT Rheumatology Interplay
Day 3Monaco CGIT & Hepatology
Day 3Monaco CImmunology
Day 3Monaco CHematology
Day 3Monaco CNephrology
Day 3Monaco CInnovation in Surgery